Hello and welcome! My name is Marina and I am a Maternity, Baby & Family Photographer based in Los Angeles, CA - serving Los Angeles & Inland Empire areas. I love bright colors and I love to photograph people outdoors. I love natural light and the way it makes everything look so beautiful. Flashes, fill light and all those great accessories are good to have, but nothing will beat a beautiful sunset or that gorgeous light on a cloudy day with just a little bit of sun peeking through. My main goal is to make sure that you are as happy during the photo session as you are with the end result. When photographing kids, I will most likely make funny faces and noises, bring some fun toys, run around with them and do anything else that will help me put a smile on their face :D
Photographing babies is one of the most exciting things to do in the whole world. Babies are incredible, babies are beautiful, they are all so very special and unique and they make everyone around them happy. I honestly have the most amazing job ever :)